Where is Beach Camp?

Okaloosa Island in Florida's panhandle (close to Fort Walton Beach). 

When is Beach Camp?

June 9-14, 2018 (we leave late in the evening on Saturday, June 9th!)

How much does it cost?

$425 (through May 6–the Early Bird Price season!), $495 (after that); a deposit of $150 is due at time of registration in order to secure a spot. If you pay with a credit card, the remaining balance will process on May 29.

Can we make payments toward the cost?

You cannot make incremental payments online. You can only make payments for the total cost, deposit, or remaining cost.

Is confidential financial assistance available?

Yes, partial scholarship discounts are available for any student and are based on need. All scholarships are confidential. 

When should I register?

Due to the nature of Beach Camp, we encourage you to register ASAP. We are limited this year due to the number of available condo buildings and can only take a certain amount of students and leaders. PLEASE register now!

What are the accomodations like?

We stay in multi-room condos. For example, last year, High School Students stayed at Waterscape Condos!

Will there be adult supervision in every condo?

Yes. Safety and security are our chief concerns on any trip we take as a Student Ministry. We will have at least 1-2 adult leaders in every condo unit.

Will high school and junior high students be together for a majority of the time at camp?

No, not really–this year we are one week, two camps and by that we mean that while we will all be at camp at the same time, activities, worship services, small groups and late nights will all be run at different times for high school and junior high. Meals will be at the same time, but even then we will separate the students into two different areas.

What should I bring with me to Beach Camp? 

A swimsuit of course! Other than that, clothes to have rec in, and things to wear at night, as well as themed clothes for our Late Nights! Toiletries, towels, Bible, pen, etc... you know–the usual stuff! A final packing list will come out once registration is live.

If I invite a friend to come to camp that doesn’t normally come to Prestonwood will they be able to stay with me at camp? 

Absolutely! We will always guarantee that your same-gender, non-Prestonwood friends will be in the same condo as you at camp. 

Will students be available to roam freely at any time during Beach Camp or will they be in a supervised environment?

Students will have adult supervision at all times during Beach Camp. Students will be escorted by their adult leader to and from their condos as well as the beach. Also, no students will be allowed to remain in the condos during free time. 

When is the Summer Camp Parent Meeting? 

The parent meeting will be Sunday, May 20 at 12:30 p.m. in the Student Ministry Area at your campus. 

What is the departure/arrival info for students going to camp? 

All campuses will check-in at the Plano Campus Atrium on Saturday, June 9, at 10:00 p.m. All campuses will then return to the Plano Campus Atrium on Thursday, June 14, at 9:00 p.m. 

Do students need extra spending money?

Students will need spending money for four travel meals (1 breakfast, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner) as well as any money they may want for vending machines and snacks at their condos.

How will student medications be handled?

All medications (prescription and OTC) will be turned in to the Camp Nurses at check-in on Saturday, June 9. All medications will be distributed at their appropriate times each day at camp. Your student will need to be aware of when they need to take their meds and where the nurse will be located each day. One camp nurse will be mobile for emergency situations. Also, any emergency medical devices (inhalers, epipens, etc.) will remain with the student all week.

What if my student has a food allergy?

All food allergies and medical conditions need to be reported to the Camp Nurses as check-in. Certain food allergies can be accommodated at Beach Camp. Please contact the Student Ministry Office for more information. 

Can my child bring electronic devices such as a cell phone, tablet or laptop?

Your student may bring their cell phone to Beach Camp. Tablets and laptops are not allowed. 

What forms/paperwork items are required?

The following forms are required: a completed beach camp registration card, a Prestonwood Medical/Release Form with parent signature, a copy of the student’s insurance card, and if necessary, a Personal Medication Form if you're going to take medicine at camp. SENIORS: An additional form is required for the senior outing, which is TBD.

All forms are linked on the website here.

What do I do if I don’t have insurance?

Temporary insurance can be purchased online from TravelGuard.com

What are “late nights”?

Late Nights are themed parties in the evening of every day at camp. Late night information will be published prior to camp in order for students to pack appropriately.

What are the transportation arrangements?

All students will be transported to, from and around the Okaloosa area on charter buses.  

Who is this for?

Beach Camp is for all students who have completed grades 7-12. 

Can I as a parent(s) volunteer?

 Absolutely! Please contact Emily Evans in the Student Ministry Offices for the required application.