Family Devotionals

April 16-22 | Using What God Gave Us

Family Devotional - Using What God Gave Us

April 16-22

This week’s Family Devotional parallels the Prestonwood Student Ministry Junior High Devos for the week of April 16-22.

Pre-Devo Preparation

A.    Spend time in fervent prayer for the exposure of God’s grace on your family. Pray specifically for God to illuminate the Bible Study and reveal Himself to your family so that real change can occur.

B.    Assign parts of the Bible study to different family members, and have them report, or share what God has revealed to them. It serves the Bible study well when all members of the family have a specific part of the devo they have concentrated on throughout the week. For example, have a son or daughter read Matthew 25:1–13 Monday through Friday, and when the family meets, that son or daughter can comment on what God showed him/her in that particular chapter.

C.   For you, as the leader of your family, spend ample time in solitude and silence for personal evaluation and prayer. A steady time for you in God’s Word and face down before Him translates into a pure and real experience with the living God.

D.   Prepare for a quick, three round game of Pictionary. (See “Opening Activity”)


Have someone in your family open up the devo time in prayer – possibly someone who doesn’t normally pray. It’s good for that person to pray because it gives him or her the opportunity to know that his/her participation is appreciated.

Opening Activity

In the junior high devos we are in the middle of a series on parables. One parable found in Matthew 25 is the Parable of the Talents. This parable communicates the message of using the gifts God has given us for His glory!

Take a minute for everyone to read Matthew 25:14-25 silently.

A funny way to understand the message of the story is to play Pictionary. Take a minute to play three rounds with the following rules. One person has two minutes to figure out the picture, another has a minute and the final has 30 seconds! The point is that there are different expectations for each person due to his/her allotted time to figure out the picture.

IV.  Bible Study

The Parable of the Talents is used by Jesus to communicate a vital message, an urgent message. Your new life in Christ is not meant to be wasted. Christ has called us to live in such a way that brings Him joy! God glory! The ultimate goal for the Christian is to hear those awesome words when our time on this earth is done: “Well done my good and faithful servant!” We are not good and faithful because of anything we are going to do. It is because the Holy Spirit is telling us what to do and we are simply responding. God, by His grace, has chosen us; brought us out of darkness into light. From that moment on, we have a mission, whether we have five talents, two talents, or one. You are a child of God. Live it!

V.  Read Matthew 25:14–23.

1.    What is the result of each of the servant’s use of his talents?

2.    In verse 15, it says “to each according to his ability”. What does this mean in light of God’s gifting to us?

VI. Read Matthew 25:24–30

1.    What happens to the talent that was buried and the man who buried it?

2.    How does this bring into perspective your Christian life up until this point?



It’s always good to end Bible study in prayer. It gives us the opportunity to confess our brokenness and gives God the opportunity to revive us! Ask each family member to share one thing they want to pray in regards to today’s message. Then spend some time in prayer.

o   Ask God for this Bible study to stick at the forefront of your family members’ minds this week.

o   Have each person in the family participate.

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