Devo – Day 3

“You’re Beautiful”

Psalm 19
Psalm 27
Hebrews 1:1-3

The heart of this song is the beauty and wonder of God almighty. God alone is the object of our affections and desires, but what is truly our motivation for worshipping Him? Is it because of what we get out of it or the attention we get for doing so? Not at all. We worship God because He deserves it. That’s all. 

“You’re Beautiful” by Phil Whickham is all about the beauty and wonder of God almighty and teaches us about the nature of God and His divine attributes displayed within creation.

In the first two verses, we see an example of what’s known as the “general revelation of God,” how God displays attributes about Himself within creation. The first verse describes the beauty of God within creation, and the second verse describes His power within creation. The song then transitions to the “special revelation of God,” how God divinely reveals His nature to a specific person or through a specific person. Jesus is the perfect representation of God on earth (Hebrews 1:3). Finally, the song concludes with the promise that one day, we will be together with Him forever!

If we lose sight of the truths of this song, it is because we no longer seek to worship God within creation, and we are tempted to worship creation itself. The hope we have is that no matter the storms of life or the temptations of this world, Jesus is better, and God’s nature alone demands our worship.

Pray and praise God for His beauty.