Devo – Day 6

“Highlands” (Psalm 23)

Psalm 23
Matthew 17:14-21

Life is hard. There are moments when we feel alone, disgraced and heartbroken. During these times, we often find ourselves searching for God in hope that we will find comfort. We want to know the secret to where He hides when we feel the need to run. We want the security of His presence when we feel alone.

David was not a stranger to this feeling. He experienced the terror of having a king hunt him down to take his life – talk about hardship! However, the beauty of God is that He is everywhere. In the highs, He is with us. In the lows, He is with us. In between, He is with us. We don’t need to find His hidden dwelling. And more than that, not only is He present everywhere, but He is working out all things for our good. David knew this, and that is why he had confidence to say in Psalm 23:5 that in the valley of the shadow of death, he knew God was with him. So, as we walk through the valleys and mountains, let us remember the truth that God is with us in every circumstance, providing comfort in pain and joy in mourning.

Pray and praise God our shepherd.