Week 34 Devo – MONDAY


The word manifestation means “creation of” or “changing something from an idea to a reality.” This is done by using our thoughts, feelings and beliefs to bring something to our physical reality. Basically, the idea is that you can think your dreams into reality, such as staring at a cup long enough to make it move. Or staring at a dollar bill and turning into a $100 bill. All power is put into our hands … and taken away from God. We put ourselves on a pedestal that we do not have the power or authority to handle. People who “manifest” are putting themselves in God’s shoes. It is only by God’s authority that things are possible. It is only by God’s will that our lives are the way they are, not anything of our own doing. In these verses, Jesus asked the crowd who they thought holds ultimate authority, man or God? The crowd could not answer who had more power, so Jesus did not answer them. They would soon come to learn that Jesus held a divine power that is not subject to man’s little authority.

What is something of which the world is trying to convince you that goes against the Word of God?

What Scripture can you use to refute it?