Week 34 Devo – WEDNESDAY


The aspect of manifesting that is most displeasing to the Lord is that we put ourselves in place of God. We conjure the little power we hold to make circumstances change in our life. In today’s passage, we are reminded of the power of God and the authority He holds in our lives. A world with no God would not exist! The only reason we are here is because of Him, and outside of Him nothing exists! We are reminded of the humility we must take on as believers to please God because He “opposes the proud” (verse 5). Humility is not a face to put on for church but an aspect of your heart that must be permanently present. Have you ever met a really conceited person? This person takes on the role of God in his or her life. Humility is when we allow God to work in our life to do more in a moment than we could do in a lifetime.

Whom have you seen embody humility? How can you show humility today to those around you?