Week 34 Devo – THURSDAY


After learning that manifesting is what prayer is not – let’s look at what prayer is. In these verses, Matthew presents a rhythm of prayer as an example. These verses urge us to pray humbly and intentionally to the one and only God. Here, in the Lord’s Prayer, we are to express our gratitude toward a loving God; we should repent of any sin in our life that is keeping us from the fullness of God; we should pray to forgive others so that God will forgive us; and finally, we should pray for protection from the Enemy. One of the sweetest reminders is in verse 7, “… for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” God sees our heart; He is entwined into every aspect of our life; and He is not a distant God but a close friend with whom we should want to share our life. He knows every desire; He understands us better than anyone and loves us more than we love Him.

How does your prayer life reflect your desires?

How does your prayer life compare to the balance of requests made in the Lord’s Prayer?