Week 34 Devo – FRIDAY


Manifesting is an example of lost people who long for God. They crave something outside of themselves to help them yet don’t give God the authority to control it from there. People are praying – but to the wrong god and with the wrong intentions. If it is self that gets us into trouble, how could we rely on self to get us out of trouble? As Christians we have a secure faith knowing that the God who created the universe hears every prayer; we have prayed in HIS name. He cares for those who lift their eyes to Him, not themselves. He cherishes the humble and opposes the proud. He cares for those who submit to Him and not to the world. In this world, we must be quick to point others to Jesus. In this passage, we see that God has promised the Crown of Life (eternal life) to those who love Him. Not those who love themselves, but those who lift their eyes to God.

What could you say to someone who mentions manifesting in conversation after this week of devos?

How could you point that person in the direction of Jesus?