Week 36 Devo – FRIDAY

Mental Health

Today, we will be talking about the difficult topic of suicide. While some of us may have experienced suicidal thoughts or actions, we must remember that our life was divinely, intricately and intentionally planned. In God’s Word, we are reminded that pain and suffering are part of life. As we discussed yesterday, in our pain we can find hope, and our pain is not permanent. In 2 Corinthians 4:17, God’s Word says that this pain, while deep and seemingly never ending, is not permanent, and that the Lord desires to uphold us and strengthen us through our pain. In our darkest moments, when we may feel as if our life has no worth or the pain will never stop, take heart in these promises: Our lives were planned; our pain is not permanent; and the Lord is with us in our darkest moments. Suicide is devastating and is never the answer to temporary pain.