Week 37 Devo – MONDAY

Impurity & Dating

Let’s get one thing straight – purity has always been and always will be a struggle. Purity is not going to come naturally to us – it is a conscious choice we must make to be pure and above reproach in all areas of our lives. Even in the book of Genesis, we see that Joseph was tempted with impurity. Joseph had found favor in the sight of Potiphar, his master, and was given great responsibility in the household, however, Potiphar’s wife tried to be intimate with Joseph. He called her advances what they were: sin.

How did Joseph respond to Potiphar’s wife? Why?

Finally, she caught hold of his garment and Joseph fled. Notice the use of the word flee in verse 12. According to dictionary.com, flee means “to run away, as from danger or pursuers; to take flight.” Joseph knew that falling into this temptation was dangerous and treated it as such. We like to think we can get as close to sinning as possible and still be OK. Joseph did whatever it took to get out of a dangerous situation, even if it meant running away. Sexual sin finds its power in secrecy.

Think about your own life. Do you find yourself often “fleeing” from sexual sin?