Week 37 Devo – TUESDAY

Impurity & Dating

Adultery was considered an extremely serious offense because it broke the marriage covenant reflecting the relationship between God and His people. Of course, the teachers of the day taught that adultery itself was wrong, but they applied the law only to the actions, not to the heart. Lust begins in the heart, the center of a person’s identity and longings. It is not enough to maintain physical purity alone; we must also guard against lust. Jesus is not adding to Old Testament law but correctly interpreting it. Jesus talks strongly about cutting out our eyes and cutting off our hands if they cause us to sin. The eye opens the heart to lust and the hand represents the physical actions that result from lusting. Jesus uses deliberate exaggeration to emphasize the importance of pursuing purity. Jesus’ words serve as a sober warning of the severity of sin.

Rewrite verses 29 and 30 in your own words.

Does your pursuit of purity cost you anything? If it doesn’t, why not?