Week 38 Devo – MONDAY

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus

We are prone to think persecution against Christians is limited to government laws that make practicing the faith illegal. But it can reach much closer to home than these examples. The terror inflicted on the early church came from within its religious heritage. Saul the Pharisee was thoroughly educated in the Scriptures, zealous for the Jewish faith, and a devoted student of the tradition. Yet he was blind to the movement of God. Jesus and the New Testament writers even warned against false teachers infiltrating and distracting His Church (Matthew 24:9–13; 2 Peter 2:1–3). Our greatest opponents may be those we once considered allies. Even worse, we ourselves can hinder the spread of the Gospel if we aren’t aligned with God’s purposes.

So let us pray: Lord, help me to see evangelism as central to my Christian identity. May my sharing of the Gospel find its root in a heart that is first captivated by You. I surrender my mind and will to Yours. May I stand amazed at the miraculous outcomes of the Gospel shared. And make me eager to experience the power of Your Holy Spirit. 

How can you prepare for and respond to false teachers in the Church?