Week 39 Devo – MONDAY

Confronted by the Gospel of Jesus

God can change anyone. Many have said, “You don’t know me. You don’t know the things I’ve done. You have no idea how far from God I am.” This may be true. But what is absolutely true is that no one is beyond the reach of our Lord. Sin has a way of wearing us down, but for those willing to turn from sin, Jesus is there to offer forgiveness and restoration. Whereas nobody else may know all of our sins, Jesus does, and still He loves us. The call of this passage is for the willful surrender of our lives to His work. We don’t need to be knocked to the ground to realize that the resurrected Jesus is in control. Saul’s story shows us the power of Jesus and calls us to submit to God’s great call.

If you have already submitted to God’s call of salvation through faith in Jesus, then marvel at the grace of God to reach out to sinners—even enemies. We were once far from God, but God’s grace reached us, and now He wants to reach others through His people. 

What areas of your life need to be surrendered willfully to Jesus Christ today?