Week 41 Devo – THURSDAY

Holding Fast to the Gospel of Jesus

The “super-apostles” boasted in their heritage as Jews. They boasted in their education, training and skill as public speakers. They expected pay for their “ministry.” And they arrogantly lorded their authority over the Corinthians. Paul, on the other hand, though he shared their same heritage, called it foolish to boast in it. He was an authority due to his knowledge of the Gospel, but he let his preaching and its results speak for themselves.

Whereas the “super-apostles” boasted in their lofty position, Paul boasted in his weaknesses and sufferings. In his weakness, the Lord’s strength shone through. In his sufferings, he followed in the steps of his Savior, who suffered on the Cross for our salvation. One sounds like Jesus, and the other does not. The goal of discipleship is to become like the teacher. Those who follow Jesus must deny themselves, take up their cross daily, and follow Jesus (Luke 9:23). The call to follow Jesus is a call to suffering.

How should you rely upon Christ’s strengths through your weaknesses?