Week 43 Devo – TUESDAY

What Are His Tactics?

Lies are another tactic of the Enemy to keep people from intimacy with God. We see here that there is no truth found in Satan – that he opposes truth in every way. Satan’s main method of extinguishing God’s words is through lies. If he gets us to believe him, that means we deny the truth that comes from God.

John 8:44 calls Satan the “father of lies.” We see here the principle of spiritual sonship; children replicate characteristics of their fathers. Therefore, there are two opposing kinships people could unite with: the Enemy’s or God’s. Our character – the reflection of our deepest beliefs in our conduct and actions – is an outpouring of our core influence. The fruit of our lives reflects the roots of our hearts.

Knowing that the Enemy works through lies, we can guard against his schemes by knowing the truth of God’s Word. By hiding Scripture in our hearts, we can avoid falling into a place of believing the Enemy’s lies (Psalm 119:11).

What are some common lies the Enemy uses in your life to distract you from the truth of who God says you are?

What truths from God’s Word can you use to fight those lies?