Week 43 Devo – THURSDAY

What Are His Tactics?

Satan tempts us, seeking to displace God in our hearts with lesser pleasures. The Enemy would love to tempt us away from obedience to keep us from the grandness of what God designed for our lives. He often attempts to derail us by offering short term, fleeting satisfaction to rob us of the long term, sustaining life that is found in God’s plan.

In this tactic, Satan can even bait us to believe that it is God who tempts us instead of him. James found it crucial to point out that God cannot be led into evil – nor can He lead others to evil. There is no evil found in God – He is only capable of doing good! That is why James also tells us how to flee temptation – by drawing near to God! When we find ourselves being led to temptation, we can draw near to God through His Word and come to Him in prayer. When we draw near to Him, the Enemy must flee.

What are some examples of temptations that offer temporary satisfaction in your life?

How can you remind yourself in those tempting moments of God’s better plans for you?