Week 45 Devo – TUESDAY

He Triumphed over All

Romans 6:23 tells us “the wages of sin is death.” This is the state that we (all mankind) were in when sin first entered the world. We were condemned to hell. We were deserving of eternal death. But Jesus, in His graciousness, died for our sins and gave us a new life. This is the first aspect that we can take from Colossians 2:14-15; this is the ultimate price.

The next part of this verse talks about our God’s triumphing over the rulers of this world. Many times we get wrapped up in complaining about the leaders of our country. We must remember that Jesus is the king over everyone. He conquered everything for our sake.

So what do we do with these two truths? We can live our lives knowing that Jesus reigns supreme. That the God of the universe, who loves us and wants what’s best for us, has conquered the evil in this world through the Cross. So go today with peace and joy, knowing that He is in control.