Week 46 Devo – FRIDAY

The Church Is Sent to All People

What are you supposed to do when an ambulance or fire engine is behind you with its siren on? You get out of the way by pulling over to the side of the road. You don’t want to stand between emergency responders and the people who need to be saved. Similarly, in Acts 11, Peter said that he didn’t want to “stand in God’s way” (Acts 11:17). 

God is accomplishing the urgent mission of saving sinners. The last thing we want to do is stand in the way of God’s mission. Instead, we should be willing participants in God’s mission to save the world from sin and death. He wants you to do more than merely get out of the way; He wants you to be a spiritual first responder. You can join God in His work to save others. There’s no higher calling in all the world.

How can you join God’s mission in your school or community?