Week 47 Devo – WEDNESDAY

The Church Is Sent to Encourage New Believers

Jesus prepared His Church for an upcoming famine by revealing what would happen to Agabus. Luke confirms that a famine occurred during the reign of Claudius (Acts 11:28).

The Lord who is sovereign over the famine is also able to care for His people in the midst of their need. He can care for the needs of His people in supernatural ways, but most often, the Lord cares for His people through ordinary means, such as the generosity of His people.

In this story, each believer in Antioch gave “according to his ability” (Acts 11:29). They gave out of what the Lord had given them, whether that was plenty or little. Through their generous giving, the Lord met the needs of the Christians in Jerusalem.

What are some ways you can help with the needs of others?