Week 48 Devo – FRIDAY

The Church Is Sent to Proclaim Jesus

The old covenant system was only a shadow of what was still to come. Because Jesus, our High Priest, died for us, we have access to God. It is a sacred privilege to have access to God’s throne. We must be careful not to take that truth for granted or fail to take advantage of the access we have in Jesus.

At the same time, we must all examine our own hearts. We should not approach God carelessly or irreverently. If we are living in deliberately sin, we should repent and throw ourselves upon God’s mercy without delay. Jesus’ work does not diminish the seriousness of sin or make it safe, but it makes freedom and forgiveness possible. You have access to God. Use it to turn from sin and live in a way that honors Jesus’ sacrifice.

How can you take advantage of the access to God you have through Christ?