Week 52 Devo – FRIDAY


Over the past few weeks, we have learned about a few key persons and their role surrounding the birth of Jesus. We wrap up our week by looking at the wise men’s incredible journey to find baby Jesus. We don’t know much about the wise men except that they were scholars, specifically astronomers. Seeing an unusual star in the sky, they would have recognized it as significant. With their knowledge of prophecies of the coming King and of astrology, they followed the star to worship the newborn King.

How did Herod and Jerusalem react when they heard the news of the King born of the Jews?

There is so much we can learn from the wise men in just these three short verses. They sought after Jesus, even though it cost them. The journey was long and hard, yet they knew they had to find this king. Seeking and following Jesus will cost us something as well, but Jesus is worth it all. The Bible says that if we seek Him, we will find Him (Jeremiah 29: 13). Just as He did for the wise men, God draws each of us uniquely and personally to Himself. He wants to be found. He is guiding us to Himself if we will just decide that the journey is worth it.

What might it cost you to seek and follow Jesus?