Week 53 Devo – FRIDAY

New Year

As this first week of 2024 ends, it’s important that we keep a proper perspective on who we are in Christ. Remember that a spirit of repentance (deep sorrow, or remorse for a past sin or wrongdoing and a true desire to amend that behavior) is going to be what enables us to follow through on the spiritual resolutions we’ve set this week. None of us is perfect. It is why we needed Jesus to come and be our Savior. Constantly seek the Lord and ask Him to reveal any area in your life that does not reflect Him.

Spend time in repentance now. Is there anything that is hindering you from honoring Him with your life this year?

Spend time giving thanks for all God has done. Thank Jesus for saving you! Be grateful the Holy Spirit is there to guide you in each of your decisions. Then truly resolve to honor Him in all you do.