Week 1 Devo – MONDAY


Romans 6:16–18 (read)

This passage is part of Paul’s letter to believers in the church at Rome. In chapter 6, Paul is talking about sin and the Christian life. He explains that Christians are no longer controlled by sin. They are under grace, but this doesn’t mean that Christians should have the attitude of not taking sin seriously. In today’s passage, Paul explains that you are a slave to whatever you obey, either sin or God. Believers have been set free from slavery to sin and are now slaves to righteousness.

How do we become a slave to sin?

Like the Romans, sometimes we become confused about grace. It’s easy to think that because we have been forgiven, we can do whatever we want. But God didn’t save us so that we could keep on sinning. He saved us from sin so that we could glorify His name by being obedient to His Word. When we think about the grace we have received, it should lead us to a heart filled with gratitude and a commitment to obedience.

Ask God to show you areas where you are being disobedient to His Word. Write those areas here and commit to change.