Week 11 Devo – MONDAY

Out of the Grave

The earth quaked with the power of the Lord and just the sight of His angel struck paralyzing fear. The angel’s proclamations to the women were compelling:

  1. “Do not fear. I know whom you are looking for.”
  2. “Jesus has done just what He said He would do and has risen.”
  3. “Come and see the evidence.”
  4. “Go tell what you’ve seen.”

This same call is for us today. Come lay your fear at Jesus’ feet because He is the solution you’ve searched for to fill every void in your life. He perfectly keeps His promises. Come and see the evidence of this. See the empty tomb.

Through His death and Resurrection, you are made whole, united to Him and reconciled to God. This is the substance of our faith: Death could not hold our Savior in the grave, but He has risen victorious. When you’ve seen what is dead come to life, keeping this life-giving truth to yourself is impossible. Great joy bubbles over, just as it did for the women as they departed the tomb on that glorious Easter morning.

Is your life presently marked by great joy because of the truth of the Resurrection? Why or why not?

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