Week 11 Devo – TUESDAY

Out of the Grave

Mary Magdalene, motivated by her love for Jesus, went to anoint His body with spices only to find that His body was no longer in the tomb. Her assumption that Jesus’ body had been stolen was far from the truth.

She had been with Jesus as He taught, but her reaction wasn’t to consider Scripture and ponder at His promise to raise from the dead. Rather than assume the miraculous, she jumped to the most likely conclusion considering the laws of nature.

How often do we ignore that our God can raise the dead, that He reigns over all of creation and is not bound by any impossibility? A moment of doubt or disbelief does not mean unbelief will be our story. Mary later saw the Lord with her own eyes and believed.

In what ways do we forget God’s power to do the miraculous? How should the way we pray or trust Him change in light of this?

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