Week 11 Devo – THURSDAY

Out of the Grave

Jesus predicted His Resurrection multiple times while He was with His disciples, yet they did not understand (Matthew 16:4; Mark 8:31; John 2:19).

John saw the empty tomb, and although he didn’t fully understand, he believed. God is infinite and mighty, more powerful and wonderful than our tiny minds can envision. His plan is above ours, and He is holy and transcendent. Yet, He has given us His Word who has revealed His truth.

Jesus is the Word made flesh, and it is through His Resurrection that we may experience reconciliation with God, receiving the Holy Spirit as a down payment of what is to come. It is the Holy Spirit who illuminates Scripture for us, helping us to understand its teaching. We won’t understand perfectly until we see Jesus face to face, but we, like John, may believe despite what our minds cannot fully comprehend.

What truths about Christianity do you struggle to comprehend? How does John’s faith build your own?

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