Week 13 Devo – MONDAY

Out of the Grave

One look at the risen Savior and the disposition of the disciples changed immediately.

Knowing the truth of the Resurrection and trusting Jesus to fulfill all His promises results in peace and joy. These characteristics should be the marks of a Christian who fully understands the depths from which he or she has been saved and the victory that is sure in Jesus!

Christ is our peace and has secured our eternity (Ephesians 2:14; 1 Peter 1:3-5). There is nothing for us to fear because we trust that He is in control and powerful over all things. He is our joy because He is also our goal, as we fix our eyes on Him and enjoy a relationship with Him today that will be perfected in eternity. Death loses its sting and frustrations lose their pain in light of what He has promised for those who love Him.

We don’t have to live as the world does with cynicism, chaotic busyness, negativity and complaints. We can enjoy every breath God gives us with joy, and rest in peace because Jesus is Savior and Lord, reigning over all and interceding on our behalf. We know that a day is coming when we will be with Him in the fullness of His kingdom.

What does your attitude reveal about your beliefs?

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