Week 16 Devo – FRIDAY

The Holy Spirit Empowers

After all we’ve read in this passage, the culmination of the story is God’s people – believing, embodying, and sharing the Gospel. God did a miraculous work at Pentecost, but what we saw there was not unique. He still saves people every day all over the globe. We often pray for “revival” – and rightly so –but sometimes this prayer can downplay the everyday, seemingly routine aspects of Gospel living.

These people in Acts were living, breathing miracles – every one of them transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. They had received a gift and rejoiced in it daily. They worshipped together through believing and proclaiming the truths of Scripture, spending time with one another and eating together, serving their neighbors, and joyfully and humbly living out the day-to-day grind of life. There was nothing special about these people other than they had been given the Holy Spirit and were willing to listen to Him. As each of us receive the Holy Spirit, may we do the same.

What are aspects of this description of the early church that you can grow in?

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