Week 17 Devo – MONDAY

The Holy Spirit Empowers

The man who was lame was bypassed over and over again for years. Perhaps, every so often, someone would stop and hand him a few coins. Maybe some would even pray for him as they passed him on their way into the temple. Still, this man must have felt constant helplessness and shame. Peter and John, living by the Spirit, had a different perspective on the world. They didn’t pass by the man or flip him a coin. Rather, they saw his need for healing, and they knew where the healing would come from – the name of Jesus.

Of course, we know that we aren’t guaranteed physical healing in this life. God may grant it, but we must accept that God allows Christians to suffer, even die. But our suffering is never wasted (Romans 5:3-5). Likewise, we aren’t guaranteed to be able to heal every person we encounter. But we can follow the lead of Peter and John, having eyes to see those who are hurting, and pointing them to Jesus. 

How can you help meet practical needs of someone in your life while pointing him or her to eternal hope in Jesus?

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