Week 17 Devo – WEDNESDAY

The Holy Spirit Empowers

Those who knew the Bible the best – the Jewish religious leaders – were often those who overlooked its most important truths. Peter reminded the people that Moses, in Deuteronomy 18, promised that God would send another prophet like him. We know today that this prophet was Jesus – a true and better prophet whose preaching would determine whether His hearers would be included among the people of God. The Jews, Peter reasoned, should have known Deuteronomy 18 and, therefore, believed what Moses said about Jesus.

As Christians, because we are so familiar with the things of God, we are sometimes the most immune to the Gospel’s power. We’ve heard it so many times that we sometimes fail to appreciate its weight. When God speaks to us, sometimes we simply aren’t ready to listen. May when we read and hear the Scriptures, we are able to listen to the Holy Spirit and respond in love and obedience.

What are some ways you may have failed to appreciate the weight of the Gospel?

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