Week 19 Devo – MONDAY

The Holy Spirit Empowers

When a guy and girl agree to date, the two appear to be inseparable. Their days are filled with ongoing text messages, periodic phone calls, and time spent at restaurants or at the movies. Whether they intend to or not, they occupy a pretty big part of one another’s thoughts.

We should want to know more about Jesus in a similar way. Christ is infinitely glorious – far greater than anything or anyone we could ever imagine. We should desire to search the Scriptures and spend time in prayer so that we would know Him more deeply. After all, how could we possibly get bored with the One who is more captivating than anything or anyone we could ever set our eyes upon? It is by God’s grace and power that we gain the knowledge of Christ that enables a life of godliness. God’s people should value this knowledge, seeking to gain more and more of it – not just on an intellectual level (which is certainly important), but ultimately on a heart level. 

What are some habits or routines you can establish that will help you to know God (even when you may not feel like it)?

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