Week 19 Devo – WEDNESDAY

The Holy Spirit Empowers

Imagine that a number of runners assume their starting positions on the track. When the race begins, athletes initially run with all their might to win the race, but then one becomes distracted – maybe someone from the crowd is jeering, maybe there’s a pain in his side. Whatever the case, the runner loses the smallest amount of intensity in his stride, just for a moment. But it is too late for him. Despite regaining focus and momentum, the runner has fallen behind. He doesn’t wear the medal and raise his arm in victory. He has lost the race.

Peter spoke about a similar scenario in verse 10. As we run the race of the Christian life, we can become easily distracted with any number of things going on in our lives. When we give in to distractions, losing a sense of urgency in following Christ and putting to death the sins in our lives, we become unfruitful, or even “useless.” Further, we lose our sense of confidence in following Jesus, and this lack of assurance about our standing with God has major implications. Thankfully, when we keep our eyes on Jesus, He keeps us from stumbling, and we will bring Him glory and share in His victory.

What can you do to maintain focus on Jesus so that you won’t stumble?

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