Week 2 Devo – THURSDAY

The Deity of Christ

On the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles, the Jews had a “water day.” All the people were drinking water with their meal, and Jesus stood in front of the crowd and told them that He was the Living Water. The religious leaders wanted to arrest Him because He was offering the people eternal life, which is something only God can give.

From verses 40 and 41, what two things were the people saying about Jesus?

The Pharisees wanted to arrest Jesus to shut Him up so the people would not believe that He was God. The officers could not arrest Jesus because “no one ever spoke like Him.” Jesus spoke with authority because He is God. He spoke with compassion, inviting the thirsty to come drink, because as God, He loves all men.

Would you ever stand up in a public place and tell people of the amazing life that Christ offers? Why or why not?