Week 2 Devo – FRIDAY

The Deity of Christ

In Jesus’ day, shepherds would bring sheep in through a door at night so they would be warm and safe from predators. Jesus calls Himself the door that we, the sheep, enter. Thieves or false shepherds do not lead the sheep through doors. They do not care for the lives of the sheep. Jesus, as the door, came so that we would have life and have it abundantly.

According to verse 9, what is the result of entering by Jesus?

According to verse 10, the Enemy does what three things?

Jesus used a common example understood by the people of that day. He is the only door that leads to life with God because He is God. Eternal life and abundant life are offered only through Jesus. We are called, as children of God, to live life abundantly.

Have you ever listened to the advice of a false shepherd or false teacher, a false religion or the opinion of a lost friend or teacher? How did you know it was false?