Week 21 Devo – THURSDAY

Gospel Advancing: Family

Many times, the hardest people to reach with whom we are called to share the Gospel are those closest to us – our families. When Jesus called the first disciples, He called a man named Andrew. What was Andrew’s first action after being called to follow his Savior? It was to run and find his brother. But he didn’t stop there, he physically brought him to Jesus.

When we experience an incredible life-changing relationship with Jesus, we are burdened by those around us who will spend eternity in hell. That those people are our family brings a different level of burden and sadness. Yet, it is very difficult to share with them. What if they look down on me? What if this changes our relationship? What if they kick me out of the house? What if they laugh at me? These, and many more, are questions that run through our minds. But those questions don’t excuse us from God’s calling to share Christ with those closest to us.

Do you have family members who need to hear the Gospel message? What is keeping you from sharing with them?

What is one practical thing you can do today to begin the process of reaching them for Jesus?