Week 22 Devo – TUESDAY

Gospel Relationships: Willing

God knew that this great task of leading people to change would take a person who would be broken and be a willing witness for God. Great assignments take great character, and the building of that character takes time. Peter, once an ordinary fisherman and relative nobody, who seemed to learn things the hard way, was given a second chance. Peter outlined the Gospel to these people, and they were cut to the heart. As a result, 3,000 souls were saved that day. Peter was a willing witness.

How do verse 21 and verses 37–38 connect?

Just like the apostle Peter, God desires to use you in ways you never thought were humanly possible. God calls believers to be His witnesses, and to share the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ with our friends at school, our teammates, even citizens of all nations. What are you doing with the power God makes available to you in your life? Even though Peter and the other 11 apostles were normal, imperfect people – in the hands of God, they became great evangelists and life-changers.

What is your biggest fear about being bold as Peter was?