Week 22 Devo – THURSDAY

Gospel Relationships: Work

In the Matthew passage, Jesus tells us to look into the world to see all the people waiting to hear and respond to the Gospel. So many people are waiting to hear and accept the Gospel, but not enough people are sharing their faith. Just realize what the end product will look like: An incredible multitude of people made up of all generations, tribes, tongues, colors and nations, praising the sacrificial Lamb who was slain for all humanity.

There will be a day that every knee will bow before Christ and proclaim His authority and worthiness. But not all will experience His eternal security and life in heaven. We can take comfort in the fact that this will take place, but we must not forget the harvest fields are all around us: in our schools, on our sports teams, in our families, in our communities and in our world. The harvest field is everywhere, and it is ripe. It takes your stepping out and playing a real part in working the harvest.

How will you feel if someone you know, hang out with, and speak with frequently is not in the great multitude?