Week 1 Devo – MONDAY

Stand Firm

Standing firm is easy to do when we are comfortable and happy. When we are in distress, sick, tired, lonely or angry, it becomes harder to resolve to follow Jesus. We see this over and over in our lives, but we also see it in the lives of those in Scripture. In our passage this morning, Jesus Himself is tested when He is tempted three different times with three different temptations. Yet through all three, Jesus stood firm. Was He the very Son of God? Yes! Was He also fully human? Yes!

What gave Daniel and Jesus the ability to stand firm?

That ability comes from their relationship with God. It was strong and consistent. Because they were walking with God, they were able to stand firm.

It’s the first day after Freedom WKND.

How are you standing firm today now that you aren’t in the “Christian bubble” of Freedom?

Pray that God would give you the ability to stand firm today!