Week 8 Devo – MONDAY

Our Struggle

When Paul writes that we are to be strong in the Lord, he is speaking in the context of spiritual combat. Relying on the Lord is the only way we will win the spiritual battles we face. Paul commands us to put on the full armor of God. We are to be spiritual soldiers as we face each day. The Devil reigns in this world where brokenness, evil powers and darkness are very present. We are living in a time where it is easy to be taken captive to the schemes of the Devil. This means that we are to be serious about fighting spiritual battles and not to leave ourselves vulnerable.

What are all the pieces of the armor of God?

In difficult times, we should rely on the Lord for strength. There are going to be times when we are too weak to face the evil that surrounds us, but we have no reason to quiver or shy away from combat. This passage states that our war is not of flesh and blood. Our struggle is far greater. When other people hurt us or annoy us, our natural response might be to hurt them in return. The correct response would be to go straight to the source, which is Satan. The way we fight is by calling out to the Lord who fights our battles for us. It does no use to fight against men when the source of the conflict comes from Satan. Just as a soldier is vulnerable without his armor, so are we when we do not put on our armor. A spiritual attack can happen at any time or any day, so we need to be prepared.

Why is it a guarantee that all Christians will face spiritual warfare?