Week 8 Devo – WEDNESDAY

Our Struggle

Where sin increased, grace increased all the more. Does that mean that we should act however we want to because we will be forgiven? Verse 5 says, “By no means!” Paul tells us that if we willingly go on sinning, then we will become a slave to sin. If we willingly devote our lives to anything, it will consume us. That thing will either be God or something else. It is only through Him that we can become a slave to righteousness instead of sin. When Christ enters our lives, our identity changes. We are no longer enslaved to passions of this world, but can choose to devote our selves fully to Him!

This passage begs this question: “What do you worship?” – whatever you cannot stop thinking about, the thing you love with all your heart, the thing you cannot live without. Whatever that thing is, it will consume your life. When we accept Jesus into our hearts we receive new life, but we will continue to struggle with sin. This passage screams at us, warning us not to take sin lightly. The good news is that when Christ saved us, we were granted direct access to God. Christ is something far better to worship than anything of this earth.

Have you had a time in your life where you have felt far from God? Describe that time in your life.