Week 9 Devo – TUESDAY

Our Testings

Peter writes this letter to Christians to remind them to endure suffering because of the great hope they have in Jesus Christ. At the time Peter wrote this letter, Christians were being killed for their faith. Peter understood that suffering was great among these believers, but he also knew that inexpressible joy comes by giving your life completely to Jesus. No matter what trial or circumstance the believer must face, there is a greater reward in heaven for those who place their faith in Christ. The joy found in Jesus is greater than all our struggles.

What trial have you gone through recently? How have you seen God reveal Himself to you in this trial?

It is important to know that joy and happiness are not equivalent. Happiness is fleeting and changes with circumstances. Joy is not based on our circumstances but is a gift that God gives to His believers. It is constant. We can have joy because of what Jesus did on the Cross for us.

How have you seen joy in your life since you met Jesus?