Week 1 Devo – THURSDAY

The Church is Sent to Trust God

A few years ago, I went fishing with my father-in-law and brother-in-law in a canoe at a local creek. Imagine three grown men in one canoe; yes, we looked funny. We were catching fish left and right and could hardly get one fish off the line before one of us was catching another. We were enjoying an almost perfect scenario, when, out of nowhere, it began to rain. It wasn’t just a little rain; it was a downpour! In an instant, the situation had turned on us, and we were trying to make it back to the boat ramp before our canoe was full of water.

In Acts 12, Herod experiences a dreadful turn of events as well. One day he is popular with the Jews and executing Christians, and the next he is killing his own guards. One moment he is enthroned with honor and being praised by people, and the next he is struck with the judgment of God.

People pleasing and pride are dangerous sins. Herod seemed to be getting away with it for a short time, but God will not be mocked. Herod’s story serves as a comfort that evil will not triumph in the end and as a warning to humble ourselves before God and to seek to please Him above anyone else.

Are you motivated to please people or to please God? How might pride keep you from focusing on honoring God?