Week 16 Devo – MONDAY

The Church is United in Love

Have you ever ridden in a car with someone who decided he or she knew better than the GPS? The driver takes his or her own route, only to end up no closer to the destination 30 minutes later. When you are committed to following Jesus, He will show you which way to go. He doesn’t give us the whole map, but he does lead us one step at a time. I have often wondered, “God, why don’t you just email me your will, so I will know what to do?” In those moments, He has reminded me that I treat Him like a GPS.

God knows our sinful flesh. He knows that if He gave me a five-year plan, somewhere down the road, when the directions say turn right in 100 feet, I’d think, “Nah, I think I know a better way.” But like with Paul and Silas, God will lead us a little bit at a time. As we listen to His voice, He will use us to accomplish His mission, just like He used them.

Are you willing to listen to God, or are you going your own way?