Week 17 Devo – TUESDAY

The Church is United in Faith

As I read Galatians 3, I am struck by this question— “Did you experience so much for nothing (Gal. 3:4)?” What a sobering question. The Galatians had experienced a move of God—a revival, even. But because they weren’t continuing in the grace of God, the whole experience was on the verge of being in vain. We’ve all had incredible spiritual experiences—a summer camp, mission trip, or student retreat—but soon after, we’ve reverted back to our old ways. So often, we fail to follow through on the things we learned, and we wonder, “Did I experience so much for nothing?”

But then Paul brings a glimmer of hope—”if in fact it was for nothing” (Gal. 3:4). With one word —if— the possibility that all is not lost reemerges. Paul is trusting that his letter is going to be effective and that they are going to live in the freedom of the gospel. As you read Galatians, and even this devotion, may God use it to reassure you that those things were not in vain. Put what you have learned into practice and continue in the grace of God.

What are some things God has challenged you with before that you need to put into practice?