Week 2 Devo – TUESDAY

The Church is Sent to the World

“Sent out by the Holy Spirit”—That is the way Luke described Barnabas and Paul. They weren’t going in their own authority or living for their own purposes. They went in the authority of God and for His mission. It makes me think of how our four- year-old wants to be a big helper all the time. My wife will send her to get an outfit or diaper for her baby brother. I will ask her to go get my phone or computer, or to get me a tool when I am working on something. Sometimes she will even come get me and tell me to do something for my wife.

Now, in all of those instances, she is not acting in her own authority. She is acting in the authority of the one who sent her to accomplish a particular task. Even if a sibling or cousin were to try to stop her, she could continue the task because she had been sent by a higher authority for that very purpose.

The Holy Spirit sends you out for His mission today. Don’t fear the potential opposition, for you have been sent by the highest authority.

How would your boldness for Christ change if you lived like you were sent by God Himself?