Week 2 Devo – WEDNESDAY

The Church is Sent to the World

Following Jesus often puts us in intimidating situations. It may be that the task itself is daunting, or maybe, like Paul, an influential person is against you. Left to ourselves, we tend to cower with fear and try to find our comfort zone again. How can we imitate Paul’s courage and boldness?

Luke tells us in verse 9 that Paul was “filled with the Holy Spirit.” That’s the key ingredient that we all need. When we are weak, He is strong. When we can’t find the words to say, the One who inspired the Scriptures will direct your words. In our flesh, we are likely to say the wrong thing or nothing at all, but when we are filled with the Spirit, we can face any situation God places us in. Pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit every morning, because you need Him every day.

Are you humbling yourself to depend on the Holy Spirit, or are you trying to live for God in your own strength?