Week 5 Devo – TUESDAY

Freedom: Holiness

God’s holiness is a massive part of who He is! In the chapter surrounding this verse, the prophet Isaiah encountered the Lord’s holiness and was confronted by his sinfulness. Isaiah confessed his sins to the Lord and was cleansed because of his confession. Isaiah had his lips touched by a lump of burning coal – “ew and ouch!” After this, he could see all the angels singing about God. This was God’s way of refining Isaiah before He came into a holy place; in other words, God was removing impurity from Isaiah before He stood before His perfection. As strange as this whole process sounds, it shows that God’s holiness is a big deal, and we must be refined before we can share in His holiness. Because He is holy, we must be transformed by His holy refinement.                                                    

In what ways is God refining you?

How does confession lead to refinement?