Week 6 Devo – WEDNESDAY

Hot Topics: LGBTQ+

How do the past two days of devotionals impact our current culture?

Biologists tell us that humans are born male or female. Men and women are designed in specific ways to be partners. These facts are essential for humanity’s survival. Yet, in today’s culture, it is acceptable for people to prefer sex with the same gender or to decide that their gender at birth is not who they believe they are. This rejects what biologists would consider their gender to be, based on scientific facts. This becomes the cultural norm when we believe the physical results from random chance (secular evolution) or the physical is dirty and worthless (Gnosticism). These non-Christian attitudes place how people feel despite the actual reality of who they physically are in Christ.  

Instead, today’s verses tell us God’s creation shows a divine purpose, that we should use our minds to understand creation, and that we should not rely on deceitful emotions.                             

Have your emotions misled you in the past?   

For years, non-Christians have poked fun at Christians for relying on emotions instead of science. Do you see any irony in that today?