Week 6 Devo – FRIDAY

Hot Topics: LGBTQ+

Do you plan to marry someday? Have a family? You’ll be glad to know that studies show you’ll do better in marriage and family life if you follow God’s plan. Today’s verses emphasize the consequences of rejecting God’s will. But let’s look at recent secular studies that even non-Christians must deal with. 

Marriage has its difficulties. Some studies have shown that 13 percent of heterosexual couples get divorced within six years of marriage, while homosexual unions, even where most supported, have about twice the chance of divorce in that time (20 percent for gay men and 30 percent for gay women).

What about raising a family? Studies have shown that children raised in homosexual households are twice as likely to be unemployed, be in therapy, and have an affair while in a committed relationship. Tragically, they are three times as likely to have thought recently about suicide.

The guidelines offered for biblical marriage are given to protect us because God desires to see humanity flourish.

God’s Word has many guidelines for us, and it can sometimes feel like a lot.

Do these studies help you see God’s purpose in these guidelines?                                                                       

Do these statistics give you greater motivation to speak the truth in love?