Week 26 Devo – MONDAY

The Early Church: Trusting in Christ in Life and Death

One of the basic patterns of the early church was their insistence on serving others and being sacrificial with their resources and their very lives. Some of the most vulnerable among them – widows, who had almost zero cultural or political power or benefits – were being overlooked.

The Church was growing in number and their ability to meet needs became unsustainable. How could the apostles continue to be faithful to preach the Gospel with the ever-growing needs of the Church and community? The apostles decided to enlist more leaders whose entire job was to care for the widows among the community.

This passage reminds us that the early church did not rely on the apostles to do all of the “ministry.” They appointed men, but not even these servants did the majority of the ministry. We have seen throughout Acts that the Church’s ministry was shared by all. Everyone contributed, and everyone was accountable. 

What needs do you see in your church and community that you could help meet?